The PERFORMANCE CERTIFIED™ seal of approval gives golf ball buyers greater confidence that the ball they are purchasing will perform “like new”; that the ball has been tested and certified by the experts at GolfBallTest.org.

Recycled or reclaimed golf balls can be an excellent choice for golfers seeking a better value-for-money alternative to buying balls new. But consumers face a challenge when buying in the secondary recycled golf ball market, especially online where the volume and variety of balls are often the greatest:

Q: Are these the balls you think they are?
A: Recycled balls are not always what they are billed to be. Trust golf balls that are PERFORMANCE CERTIFIED™ by GolfBallTest.org.

GBT Package

Q: Will they perform as expected?
A: There are hundreds of different makes and models of golf balls in circulation throughout the world. So, if you think you are buying a Nike ONE, realize that there are at least 6 different varieties of Nike ONE Black and Platinum currently available online. Moreover, there is no single quality grading scale in place that sellers abide by in the recycled ball market. Top grade for one recycled ball vendor is Grade A, for another it is Grade AAA and for another it may be Grade AAAAA. Some grades include balls with logos; some do not; others will mix manufacturing year (a Titleist Pro V1 2007 mixed with a Titleist Pro V1 2006); and most every recycled ball sold online has never been retested to confirm it meets original manufacturer claims.

Golf balls sold with the PERFORMANCE CERTIFIED™ seal of approval ensures that buyers know what they are getting and that these golf balls perform as expected.