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Roundness Validation

Most golf balls manufactured today are unlikely to deform as much as they might have in the past, when golf balls were manufactured with balata covers and wound rubber over the cores. Today’s golf balls are mainly of 2- and 3-piece construction (with some emerging 4-piece designs) where the center polymers are much more resilient to decay or deformation (see sidebar).

Some variability still exists in manufacturing practices and some more “abusive” strikes against the ball may generate a situation where a ball does come out of round – or where it may not roll true.

PERFORMANCE CERTIFIED™ golf balls have been checked for roundness by passing each ball through a golf ball measurement gauge of 1.680 inches in diameter multiple times to confirm that each ball falls within the specification set forth under The Rules of Golf (Rule 5, Appendix III).

Roundness Tester

Roundness Tester      Roundness Tester

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