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Compression is a measurement of how much a golf ball deforms (compresses) when a load is applied to it. It is an indication of how a golf ball feels at impact. The lower the rating the more the ball deforms and feels softer, the higher the rating the less the ball deforms and feels firmer. Player preferences dictate whether a player may want a harder or softer feel ball; but most players agree that they want a ball that feels consistent when played over time.

Manufacturers often address the golf ball’s core compression when talking about its construction and design. The core is typically referred to as the inner most part of the golf ball in a two- or three-piece construction. Our testing addresses the golf ball’s overall compression. We do not test the golf ball’s internal core compression. We utilize ATTI and Majestix compression testers to conduct an overall golf compression test to ensure that its overall compression is like new.

Compression Tester Compression Tester
Compression Tester

Golf Ball Compression Tester

We have tested over 70+ different golf balls and publish compression measures (sample below). Click HERE to access the complete compression listing.

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