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RESTON, Va. – March 2, 2019 – GBT Technologies LLC, is proud to announce the granting of U.S Patent 9,914,038 for Systems and Methods for Golf Ball Selection. The patent provides a system for selecting a golf ball. Applicable to not only golf ball selection – but in how consumers approach ANY product – service decision involving preferences and multi-variant thoughts. The patent is currently being used at, the industry’s first and only independent golf ball selection system, and at, a golf ball information portal.

“We are pleased to have our golf ball selection method patent granted, recognizing our position as a pioneer and leader in the golf ball fitting movement within the industry”, said Gary Mayes, Chief Technology Officer at GBT Technologies, LLC Mayes adds, “The use and application of this method provides the necessary basic information a golfer needs in selecting the right golf ball for their game”.

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Golf ball fitting has become popular as manufacturers look to differentiate their products and appeal to different golfers with different needs. Yet, most manufacturers use a fitting system that compares the relative attributes among their own product line and does not provide independent-based comparison testing of their golf balls to other manufacturer’s golf balls to demonstrate the relative advantages of their products. This approach leaves golfers limited in clearly understanding performance and value across golf balls and requires them to base their purchasing decisions on biased marketing campaigns or by trial-and-error which can be both incomplete and expensive. The concept covered by this patent originated in 2001 when partner Equip2Golf began extensive testing of golf balls and determined there was a need for a more systematic, uniform approach to understanding the relative differences between golf balls and how this could be used to assist in the selection of the right golf ball for a golfer’s game. This led to the granting of U.S Patent 7,918,751 with the initial application of the method occurred in 2004 with the debut of the Mayes Performance Index (MPI™) Golf Ball Ratings. In 2006, Equip2Golf, Inc. co-founded GBT Technologies, LLC, a technology company focused on delivering decision support services to the golf industry. In 2007, GBT Technologies introduced and to the industry.

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