GBT Technologies LLC Announces Launch Of Patented Performance Certified Golf Ball Ratings


Rigorous and independent testing yields performance ratings of leading golf balls utilizing patented technology to help golfers choose the right ball without marketing hype.

NEW YORK, NY October 22, 2016. GBT Technologies, LLC gbt_patented_ratings announced today the launch of its new GBT Certified™ patented golf ball performance rating system. The GBT Certified™ Golf Ball Ratings provide golfers with rigorous and independent testing of the major golf balls in the market, including those of Titleist, Bridgestone, TaylorMade, Callaway, Srixon, Nike, Wilson, Volvik, and More – and include Driver Distance rankings for Higher Speed and Lower Speed golfer swing profiles, as well as Wedge Higher Spin, and construction rankings for Compression and Cover Hardness. The top golf balls in the these categories are identified and receive the marking of Top Ball.

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The basis for the GBT Certified™ Golf Ball Ratings is U.S Patent 7,918,751, Method of Rating Golf Balls. The patent identifies a method to obtain performance data on golf balls in a manner that will assist golfers in selecting a golf ball that meets their specific swing profile, equipment, feel and price criteria. Leading golf balls are subjected to this patented test and rating method including player and robot testing over multiple ball speeds and launch conditions. The patent pending fitting application was utilized to create player profiles and produce rankings for driver distance and wedge spin. In addition to the GBT Certified™ Golf Ball Ratings appearing at, they also appear at TheGolfBall.Club.

“Other approaches to rating balls do not adequately consider how player preferences can affect golf ball selection and performance” Says Gary Mayes, Partner and Chief Technologist at GBT Technologies, LLC “We have tested every major golf ball in the market since 2007 and the GBT Certified™ Golf Ball Ratings are derived from our data-driven approach utilizing the patented and proprietary performance rating and selection models of This technology allows us to simultaneously evaluate each ball across multiple dimensions of performance, considering the large differences in golf swing speeds, launch conditions and player bias for distance, control and feel. There are many imitators out there, but nothing comes close to the rigor and independent testing we perform in our evaluations.”

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