The top golf balls in the Wedge Higher Spin category are listed in alphabetical order and receive the marking of Top Ball – Wedge Higher Spin.
BridgestoneTour B330-RX20143-pieceurethane
NikeRZN Black20144-pieceurethane
NikeRZN Red20143-piecesurlyn
NikeRZN White20143-piecesurlyn
SrixonQ-Star Pure White20142-piecesurlyn
TitleistNXT Tour20123-piecesurlyn
TitleistNXT Tour-S20123-piecesurlyn
Wilson StaffDuo20122-piecesurlyn

The GBT Certified Patented Golf Ball Ratings are calculated using generalized golfer profiles: your specific rankings will vary. In choosing the right golf ball, golfers should consider their “best fit” potential for their game in the context of their own preferences and the trade-offs they are prepared to take for distance, control and feel and according to their own unique ballistics measures of ball speed, launch angle and general spin rate. As with any ball, player preferences and individual launch/spin conditions are paramount to optimal golf ball selection.

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